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Children's Dentistry

When looking for a dentist to care for your children’s oral health, the goal should be to find a team of compassionate professionals who will provide your child with the preventive treatments they need in a safe, secure environment.

At Dental Health Partners, we welcome children of all ages. Many members of our team have seen patients start with us as children and still come to us today as adults with their own children! We think that says something about our kind and supportive treatment of kids at our office!

Your child’s first few visits at the dentist's office can be a little overwhelming. There is a lot for them to absorb all at once – a new environment, new faces, and lots of strange-looking machines. We do everything possible to ensure that these first few visits are comfortable and stress-free for both you and your kids.

It is extremely important for kids to learn that visiting the dentist is a pleasant experience. Children who develop a positive view of dental visits are much more likely to be proactive with their oral health care as an adult.

We take your child's comfort seriously and are pleased to offer nitrous oxide for little ones who have trouble relaxing during their visit. Nitrous will not put your child to sleep. It will make them a little drowsy so they can remain calm and happy, and we can perform their treatment most efficiently. You don't have to worry either – nitrous oxide is completely safe for children!

Why Baby Teeth Are Important

Children's Dentistry Mitchell SDDr. Cody and Dr. Melissa like to start seeing kids at age one. At this age, their baby teeth are starting to emerge, and it's time for us to start monitoring their dental development.

Many parents ask why visits at such a young age are important. Imagine baby teeth as building blocks or placeholders for permanent teeth. Whatever conditions affect the baby teeth can also affect permanent teeth already developing in the gums. 

Baby teeth are normally meant to remain until the permanent teeth develop and are ready to emerge. The loss of just one baby tooth too soon can lead to problems like tooth misalignment and the potential need for orthodontic treatment in the future.

Preventive Treatments Build Healthy Teeth

Regular dental exams and cleanings with our gentle hygienists are as important for your child as they are for you. If you're worried about how your kids will react, don't! Our hygienists have kids and grandkids of their own and know exactly what it takes to keep them happy and comfortable.

During these early exams, we’ll talk to you and your kids about the importance of good oral hygiene practices and offer helpful advice and instructions for effective home care. We’ll check for signs of decay, and if we spot a cavity, we'll fill it promptly. Treating these problems promptly preserves the tooth as well as your child's oral health. Kids Dentist Mitchell SD

After checking your child’s teeth, we may decide that fluoride treatments are needed to keep their teeth strong and healthy. We may also recommend dental sealants, a very effective treatment that helps protect your child’s teeth from cavities. 

Keeping Kids Motivated

Child Dentist Mitchell SDIt would be asking a lot to expect a very young child to keep up with good oral hygiene practices without a little age-appropriate motivation. At Dental Health Partners, each child is a member of our No Cavity Club.

Every time they have a checkup with no cavities, we’ll take their picture and put it up on our wall. They’ll also be entered in our monthly drawing for a No Cavity t-shirt. You will be amazed at how easy it is to keep your child motivated when they can look forward to seeing their own picture on our wall!

Please Call to Arrange Your Child's Appointment

Would you like to know more about our child-friendly approach to early dental care? Please call our Mitchell dental office, and we’ll be happy to arrange your first visit!

Patient Testimonial:High quality service, professional, and friendly - FIVE STAR REVIEW

"Everyone in the office is friendly and kind, and the service is professional. They are efficient but not hurried, and very thorough. I would recommend Dental Health Partners to family ... Read more

Patient Testimonial:Wonderful care

"Thank you so much for the caring staff for caring for my daughter during her filling. She said "she loves the dentist and can't wait to go back."" Read more

  • “Everyone is so nice, friendly and very professional. Love Dr. Melissa and the staff I met today. Jill did an awesome job explaining everything. You are all AWESOME!!! I will definitely recommend Dental Health Partners to everyone. Thank you for all you guys do. See you soon!! Have a great day!!”

    - Karen M.

    “I know I won't be the first to say it, but I hate going to the dentist (sorry Dr. Melissa - you really are great). Having Ashley T. as my hygienist was the best part of my visit! She makes me forget that I'm in the chair, mouth wide open. :) Thanks again everyone! No cavities! Woohoo!”

    - Ryan T.
  • “They were on time, good to work with, friendly reminders beforehand, painless!! had a crown replaced and all went well. Also had a cleaning also went well with no pain and helpful hints on good and better ways to prevent cleaning issues.”

    - A Patient

    “Had a filling replaced. It was a filling done previously and wasn't quite done correctly by a dentist who used to work a dental health partners. They stood behind the previous work and replaces the filling at no expense to me. The work done is so much better. Thank you Dental Health Partners”

    - A Patient
  • “I would recommend Dental Health Partners for anyone who wants thorough and professional dental care. I have always been treated with friendly and caring personnel. They are honest and detailed at each checkup but never push anything unnecessary. I drive an hour and forty-five minutes for my appointment, which proves how much I like this facility.”

    - A Patient

    “The staff is very friendly and accommodating. They can work around my schedule and still get me into the office in a timely manner. My hygienist that day (I think her name is Ashley) was friendly and professional. No judgement whatsoever! Would recommend to a friend or family member in a heart beat!”

    - A Patient
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