Botox and Dermal FIllers in Mitchell SD

Are you starting to notice the appearance of fine lines and creases on your forehead, face and neck? 

A lot of people are wanting to return to their more youthful appearance of years before but do not want to pursue invasive surgical procedures.

At Dental Health Partners, we recognize our patients want to avoid these procedures but still gain a more youthful appearance. By offering Botox and dermal fillers, we provide our patients with the opportunity to decrease, if not eliminate, forehead lines, frown lines, crows feet, lines that descend from the nose to the mouth, lines that descend from the corners of the mouth, lines at the neck, and a drooping neck. Please refer to our before and after photos to see how dramatic the results can be!  

What Is Botox? What Are Dermal Fillers?

botox cosmetics in mitchell, sdBotox

Like many medicines, Botox is synthesized by bacteria in a laboratory setting. The injectable liquid affects muscle activity by causing paralysis in the small muscles near the injection site. The effects have a duration of about four months. 

After injection, it takes roughly two weeks before the results are fully accomplished. Botox decreases lines by stopping the muscles from creating the lines through their minute movements.

before botox at dental health partners in mitchell, sd after botox at dental health partners in mitchell, sd










Dermal Fillersjuvederm at dental health partners in mitchell, sd


The main component of dermal fillers, hyaluronic acid, already exists in your skin. Juvéderm is the specific type of dermal filler used at Dental Health Partners and is a liquid-like gel that is injected to augment your natural skin. 

Unlike Botox, dermal filler results are immediate. Juvéderm was used on the patient below in the creases from his nose to the corners of his mouth, which are called the nasolabial folds. This placement plumped and almost eliminated the crease, creating a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

after juvederm in dental health partners in mitchell, sd

before juvederm at dental health partners in mitchell, sd     


Free Consultation, Easy Treatment, Predictable Results

Dr. Melissa and Dr. Cody have extensive continuing education to rejuvenate you to your younger self. We will begin with a free consultation and discuss your goals and desired outcomes. Some patient want to only focus on one area, where others want to focus on a more comprehensive approach, and either way is acceptable. 

Both doctors will assess and map the area they recommend should receive treatment to gain phenomenal results. They will then discuss these findings with you and listen carefully to your goals so that together, we can accomplish the best results possible.

The great thing about Botox and dermal fillers is they are the most affordable and quickest way to look years younger. Within two weeks, your lines, wrinkles, and creases can be greatly diminished so you look younger and refreshed. 

Please Call to Arrange Your Free Consultation in the 57301 Area 

If you’re noticing lines that didn’t used to be there or creases that are getting more pronounced, contact our Mitchell dental office. A welcoming member of our team will be happy to schedule a convenient consultation so you can discuss your desires.