Sedation Dentistry in Mitchell, SD

Do you suffer from dental anxiety?

If so, you aren't alone. Dental anxiety is very common, and a large percentage of our population struggles with this problem. For some, dental anxiety is so overwhelming that they may be tempted to avoid even the most routine services and treatments.  Frightened woman with dental anxiety in dental exam chair at Dental Health Partners

Your Comfort Is Our Priority 

At Dental Health Partners, your complete comfort and well-being are very important to us. We want to help you overcome your fear because, obviously, dental problems don't just go away. Postponing treatment usually involves more complicated and invasive treatment when the problem is finally addressed. 

Our primary goal is to make you feel safe and comfortable in your surroundings. We’ve found that many people suffering from dental anxiety had a past experience with a dentist who they felt wasn’t considerate of their needs. Helping you understand your underlying fears is the first step to controlling and eliminating your anxiety. 

Sedation Options to Eliminate Dental Anxiety 

Our anti-anxiety options will allow you to feel calm and relaxed before, during, and after treatment:

Nitrous Oxide or Inhalation Analgesia Gas – You have probably heard nitrous oxide referred to as laughing gas. This is a very effective form of anti-anxiety for our patients who experience mild to moderate dental anxiety. Nitrous will calm you and help you feel relaxed and somewhat drowsy. Throughout your procedure, a member of our team will be by your side in case the level of sedation needs to be increased to keep you comfortable. 

Oral Sedation Pills – If you need more complex treatment or experience a greater level of dental anxiety, oral sedation is a very effective choice. Dr. Cody or Dr. Melissa will prescribe two small pills for you to take about an hour before your appointment. Taking the medication before you’re due for your appointment will help you relax even before you arrive at our office. Because these pills are so effective, we do ask you to have a driver to and from our office.

Contact Our Dentist Office in Mitchell, SD to Schedule! 

Our team is committed to helping you overcome your worries by showing you that compassionate dentistry will help alleviate your fears and allow you to receive the care that is so important to your well-being.

If you have been postponing dental treatment because of dental anxiety, we urge you to contact the Dental Health Partners at (605) 996-1316 to schedule an appointment. With effective and safe anti-anxiety sedation options, we will help calm your fears and allow you to take control of your oral health.