Teeth Whitening in Mitchell, SD

Nothing makes a great first impression like a beautiful, sparkling smile.

Patients at Dental Health Partners in Mitchell, SD are always pleasantly surprised to see the positive effect that a bright white smile has on their confidence. When you feel good about your appearance, you project a positive attitude that makes people want to get to know you better. 

These days, many of us don’t make it easy to keep our teeth as white as they can be. Consuming coffee and wine, as well as using tobacco products, gradually causes our teeth to become dull and discolored. We’re pleased to offer an affordable and efficient solution that leaves you with a beautiful smile in just two short weeks. 

Woman smiling after cosmetic teeth whitening treatment in Mitchell SDStore-Bought vs. Professional Whitening Treatment

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the teeth whitening products you see at your local drug store. Do they all really do what they claim? Despite their promises, drug store teeth whitening products will never produce the significant results that we can achieve with professional teeth whitening treatments.

In fact, too much whitening can actually damage your dental enamel, so we suggest you leave this effective cosmetic teeth whitening treatment in the hands of professionals. We can prescribe prescription-strength whitening gels and customized products that will get your teeth the whitest they can be.

Convenient Take-Home Whitening Kits

For your convenience, we’re pleased to offer our patients take-home whitening kits that are completely customized to their needs. Unlike generic store-bought whitening trays, ours are made using impressions of your teeth. This means that they fit perfectly, cover all surfaces of your teeth evenly, and provide the most consistent results.

We will also recommend a whitening gel that is appropriate for your level of sensitivity. Many patients we see have had a teeth whitening treatment in the past that caused gum irritation afterward. If this is the case for you, we’ll find a concentration of whitener that will get your teeth as white as they can be without the discomfort of irritated gums.

We’ll give you instructions on using the kit before you leave our office. Generally, you wear the trays every day for a period of about two weeks. After treatment is completed, you’ll be thrilled at the results you see in the mirror! No more dull or discolored teeth – just a big bright smile!

Schedule Teeth Whitening Treatment in Mitchell, SD!

We always recommend a professional dental cleaning before any teeth whitening treatment. A cleaning at our Mitchell dental office will clear away the plaque and tartar from your teeth so you can get the best possible results from your whitening.

The team at Dental Health Partners would love to see you smile with confidence again. If you’ve been bothered by a smile that’s not as bright as you’d like it, please contact our dentist office at (605) 996-1316 to schedule an appointment today!