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Fixing Cracked Molars with Dental Crowns

The tooth in the Before photo has a silver filling with quite a few cracks in the tooth. All back teeth have peaks (cusps) and valleys (grooves) allowing to chew your food. Cracks often occur in the valleys of these teeth and around the peaks. These cracks increase the potential for these peaks to break off over time. On this tooth we monitored the cracks and when they began increasing in size, we recommended a crown. A crown (sometimes referred to as a cap) surrounds the tooth 360 degrees. This prevents any part of the tooth or the peaks from breaking. Crowns not only protect the teeth from breaking, they also improve the appearance of the tooth. In the After photo, you can see the new crown. The shade and color are much better than the original silver filling and cracked tooth, and overall the tooth is a lot stronger! With proper oral hygiene - at home and at our office - the patient should expect to get 20+ years out of this crown.

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Experience is Key - FIVE STAR REVIEW

"I know I won't be the first to say it, but I hate going to the dentist (sorry Dr. Melissa - you really are great). Having Ashley T. as my hygienist was the best part of my visit! She makes me forget that I'm in the chair, mouth wide open. :) Thanks again everyone! No cavities! Woohoo!"

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