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Patient receiving a dental x-ray during a dental exam in Mitchell, SD

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are one example of state-of-the-art technology that makes your treatment more effective and efficient.

While the process for taking digital x-rays is similar to that of traditional film x-rays, there’s one major difference. Instead of film, we use a digital sensor. The sensor is placed in your mouth just like a traditional film x-ray, but that’s where the similarity ends.

The digital sensor is electronic and connects to a computer. Shortly after the x-ray is taken, it is projected onto a computer screen so we can view it together. These images give us both a clear picture of the smallest details inside your teeth. If we find a problem, you can see what we see, which makes it easier for you to understand why a treatment is necessary. We have the newest sensors available and, similar to computers, these sensors have evolved. Our sensors are better contained and are much smaller than traditional x-ray sensors. Digital x-rays are also safer than traditional film x-ray because they reduce your exposure to radiation by approximately 90%.Dental X-Ray sensors at our 57301 dentist office

You can refer to the photo for more information about our state-of- the-art sensors. The black sensor is the one we use. It has rounded corners and is smaller than tradition x-ray sensors. The gold sensor is the traditional size of x-ray sensors. It also has 90-degree corners, which tend to poke patients and are uncomfortable.

We try to make going to the dentist more pleasant, and we tend to get compliments from patients who really like these new black sensors. Also, due to their smaller size, we can detect cavities in children sooner since they better tolerate these sensors. Previously, we couldn't get x-rays but now we can find the cavities sooner, when they are smaller and easier to address. 

Intraoral Cameras

When you sit in the dental chair, do you ever wonder what the dentist is seeing when he or she examines your teeth? At Dental Health Partners, we use state-of-the-art intraoral cameras because we know it's easier to understand the need for treatment when you can see exactly what we're seeing. 

Intraoral cameras serve that purpose perfectly. An intraoral camera is a very small wand about the size of a pen. It contains a miniature camera that takes digital images and displays them on an overhead monitor. These images are clear and precise, making it easy for us to communicate the most minute problems that may be developing.

Intraoral cameras allow us to discuss in detail what we're seeing and the ways in which we can correct the problem. With intraoral cameras, you can truly be an active part of your dental care!

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