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Veneers to Cover Fluoride Stained Teeth

Although Fluoride is great at preventing cavities too much can stain your teeth. This patient was exposed to higher levels of fluoride when her teeth were developing as a child. These higher levels caused internal staining of her teeth. This staining cannot be corrected with whitening of the teeth because of the stain on the inside. Whitening can only correct staining on outside of teeth such as coffees, teas, or wines. The only way to correct internal staining is to cover the teeth with either crowns, veneers, or composite bonding. This patient elected to have veneers placed as they deliver the highest longevity with the least amount of alteration to the underlying teeth. These veneers are considered “no-prep veneers” as no drilling was needed. This process took three appointments. The first appointment was to better contour the gum tissue around the teeth. The patient healed for three weeks and came back for the second appointment for the mold of her 10 veneers on her upper front teeth. It took two weeks for our lab to fabricate the veneers. The third appointment was to glue the veneers onto the teeth.

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Experience is Key - FIVE STAR REVIEW

"I know I won't be the first to say it, but I hate going to the dentist (sorry Dr. Melissa - you really are great). Having Ashley T. as my hygienist was the best part of my visit! She makes me forget that I'm in the chair, mouth wide open. :) Thanks again everyone! No cavities! Woohoo!"

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