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Best Candidates for Dental Implants

May 21, 2021
Posted By: Dental Health Partners
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Are you missing one or multiple teeth? If so, you are not out of the ordinary. Millions of people have gaps in their smiles. 

However, just because missing teeth are a common problem doesn't mean they don't need replacement. Tooth replacement is essential to your oral health. At the Dental Health Partners in Mitchell, SD, we offer a variety of options to replace missing teeth. However, most patients and dentists agree that dental implants are the best option. 

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the closest tooth replacement option to a natural tooth, and with a dental implant, you'll enjoy many of the same benefits as you would with a regular tooth. 

A dental implant is made of titanium, and the dentist implants it in your jaw. Once in your jaw, the titanium implant bonds with your jawbone, encouraging natural bone growth and overall oral health. You can think of it as the replacement for your natural tooth's root.

After placing the implant, the dentist attaches a dental crown to it to act as your "tooth," which will be the visual the world sees. The dental crown is customized to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your teeth, creating a beautiful, healthy smile.

Best Candidates for Dental Implants in Mitchell, SD

If you're interested in dental implants and wondering whether or not you're a good candidate, we can help. At Dental Health Partners, Dr. Gronsten or Dr. Maier can evaluate your dental situation and overall health to see if you're a good fit. 

When considering you for dental implants, our dentists will consider the following factors:

Your Overall Health

We will go over your health history and medications as part of your evaluation. If there's an area of your health or a medication you're taking that concerns us, we will discuss it with you. 

The Health of Your Gums

Before having an implant placed, we will have to ensure that your gums are healthy and free of disease. If you have gum disease or another dental issue, we will treat it before proceeding with implants. 

Your Bone Density

The jawbone must be dense enough to hold the implant. If you do not have the bone density required to support the implant, we may augment the bone beforehand to alter the density.

Your Oral Health

We will check your overall oral health, including the status of your remaining teeth. Patients must maintain good oral health and hygiene to achieve success with dental implants.

The best candidates for dental implants are healthy, eat nutritious diets, practice good oral hygiene, and do not smoke. 

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