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The Secret to a More Youthful Appearance

June 6, 2020
Posted By: Dental Health Partners
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Have small wrinkles and fine lines got you feeling a bit more self-conscious about your appearance? It's common for wrinkles to appear around our mouths and eyes, and on our foreheads as we age; however, you don't necessarily have to live with them. Treatment with BOTOX® at our dentist office in Mitchell can give you the more youthful appearance you'd like, and it's probably more straightforward and less time consuming than you might imagine!

How BOTOX Works in Mitchell, SD

BOTOX treatments in Mitchell, SD are quick and easy at Dental Health Partners. You can even combine your treatment with your routine dental cleaning and checkup to save yourself time.

When our dentists inject BOTOX into specific facial muscles, it results in partial paralysis that, in turn, smooths the skin around problem areas that are prone to small wrinkles and fine lines. 

The effects of BOTOX typically last around four months, and it can take up to two weeks for you to see your full results. However, the improvements are undeniable and will have you feeling more confident about your appearance right away. 

Is BOTOX Safe?

BOTOX is a drug that utilizes a toxin produced by the bacterium called clostridium botulinum to reduce wrinkles. It is safe because the toxin is used in such small amounts and contained within the muscles.

Dr. Melissa and Dr. Cody have advanced training in providing BOTOX treatment in a comfortable, efficient, and effective manner. We can typically complete BOTOX treatment at Dental Health Partners in less than an hour, and the side effects are minimal. Working with your Mitchell, SD dentist to receive BOTOX treatments is an excellent decision as they are not only trained in facial anatomy, but they are also highly skilled at delivering comfortable injections.

Would You Like to Learn More About BOTOX in the 57301 Area?

If improving your appearance with BOTOX is of interest to you, Dr. Melissa and Dr. Cody would love to talk with you about treating the areas that would most benefit you. Our team is happy to consult with you about your goals for your new look to determine if anti-wrinkle injections might be right for you. Contact your team at Dental Health Partners today for more information.

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