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Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

September 23, 2021
Posted By: Dental Health Partners
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Professional teeth whitening in Mitchell, SD is a popular and inexpensive cosmetic dental procedure. Additionally, it is safe for most patients who have relatively healthy teeth and gums.

However, your dentist will check your oral health before approving you for professional teeth whitening, especially if you’re a new patient or have not been to our dental office in a while.

Considerations for professional teeth whitening include hidden tooth decay, restorations, and underlying oral health conditions. Having restorations or oral health conditions does not necessarily rule you out for cosmetic dentistry in Mitchell. But your dentist may need to address specific issues before starting treatment.

Whiten Your Teeth Professionally on Your Own Time

We are proud to offer take-home teeth whitening kits to our patients.

Our system is customizable, which means we can tailor the ingredients to meet your needs. This helps ensure that the product is not too harsh for your teeth and gums. Additionally, it enables you to achieve the level of whitening that matches your taste.

We also rely on direct impressions of your smile to create custom take-home trays. Together with our whitening gel, these trays can give you the results you’ve been looking for safely.

It’s essential to follow the directions provided by our dental office.

Why We Don’t Recommend Store-Bought Teeth Whitening

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is our top priority. For this reason, we don’t recommend using products that may harm your oral health—for example, gels that may be too abrasive.

It’s also important that whitening trays fit correctly to avoid product spillage and tooth sensitivity that lingers.

Finally, we want you to enjoy a predictable, even whitening result. And this can only be achieved through professional teeth whitening.

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