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Why is it important to have to a crown fully seated?

The photos below illustrate the difference in crown margins, where one is open and the other is closed. When a margin is open, the crown will fail in only a few short years. It will fail because bacteria can creep under the crown and cause a cavity.

These cavities move very fast as one cannot brush and remove the bacteria that exist under the crown. At Dental Health Partners, we ensure all of our crown margins are closed, as noted in the closed margin photo. We ensure this with a special fit checker and x-rays.

When the margins are fully closed, a patient can predictably get 20 years of service from a crown. Our goal is to see crowns we place today be healthy and functioning when we retire in 20 years. We will better achieve this goal with ensuring all margins are 100% closed.

Closed Margin / FULLY Seated

Closed Margin | Dental Health Partners in Mitchell, SD


Open Margin / NOT seated

Open Margin | Dental Health Partners in Mitchell, SD
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