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How much does a deep teeth cleaning cost without insurance?

The cost of a deep teeth cleaning without insurance varies because it’s not a straightforward procedure like a routine preventive cleaning. Where a routine teeth cleaning helps you maintain gum health, a deep cleaning treats periodontal disease once it’s already developed.

What’s Involved with a Deep Teeth Cleaning?

A deep teeth cleaning is also called scaling and root planing or SRP. Unlike a routine cleaning, SRP involves numbing the treatment area, then cleaning periodontal pockets under the gums to remove tartar buildup.

After removing hardened plaque called tartar, your dentist or hygienist smooths tooth root surfaces (planing) to help the gum tissue reattach. 

Factors That Affect Deep Teeth Cleaning Cost

A deep teeth cleaning is usually scheduled over two or more appointments. Depending on your needs, your dentist may treat one-half of your mouth at each of two appointments or a quarter of your mouth (a quadrant) over four appointments.

Some factors that affect the cost of a deep teeth cleaning without insurance in Mitchell, SD, include:

  • Number of quadrants being treated — Most patients require treatment in all four quadrants.
  • Number of teeth in each quadrant — The cost may be adjusted accordingly if you have wisdom teeth or experienced tooth loss.
  • Whether dental sedation is involved — A deep teeth cleaning is fairly involved, and some patients choose light sedation with nitrous oxide (laughing gas) at an additional cost.

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