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How much does a deep teeth cleaning cost?

The cost of a deep teeth cleaning procedure with insurance depends on several factors. First, it’s helpful to understand the difference between this treatment and a routine preventive teeth cleaning.

Preventive Cleaning vs. Deep Teeth Cleaning

The purpose of a routine or preventive teeth cleaning is to keep your mouth healthy, and many dental insurances cover at least one cleaning per year at 100 percent.

Deep cleaning, also called scaling and root planing (SRP), is a specialized treatment for those with active periodontal disease. Unlike preventive cleanings, SRP cleans deep periodontal “pockets” under the gums where tartar builds up. The average amount dental insurance covers for a deep cleaning treatment is about 50 percent.

Factors That Affect Deep Teeth Cleaning Cost

A deep periodontal cleaning is a highly individualized treatment recommended by your Mitchell, SD, dentist or hygienist. Numerous factors can affect the cost:

  • Number of quadrants being treated — Because of the involved nature of a deep cleaning, treatment is divided into quadrants or one-fourth of your mouth at each appointment.
  • Number of teeth in each quadrant — The cost of a deep cleaning will be adjusted depending on the number of teeth in each quadrant with active periodontal disease.
  • Whether you request sedation — Some patients opt for dental sedation with nitrous oxide (laughing gas), which will be added to the cost of deep cleaning.

Schedule with Us to Learn More

At Dental Health Partners, we individualize treatment for each patient’s unique needs, so it’s impossible to quote a cost for a deep teeth cleaning in Mitchell, SD. Please call us to schedule an appointment so we can determine your needs and give you an idea of the cost involved. 

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