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What options do you provide to relieve dental anxiety?

According to a recent dental study polling almost 20,000 people across the globe, over 60 percent of people suffer from dental anxiety and fear. 

Helping Patients with Dental Anxiety Near Mitchell

Many times, patient anxiety can manifest as avoidance, which can quickly turn into oral health issues or a lesser quality of life. Patients can be fearful, uncooperative, and more sensitive to pain and discomfort than their calmer counterparts. 

Dental anxiety can be problematic to both the patient and their dentist since a nervous patient can make dental cleanings, exams, and procedures challenging. 

At Dental Health Partners, we offer sedation dentistry in Mitchell, SD to benefit our patients and their ongoing oral health.

Benefits of Sedation to Ease Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety can manifest on a spectrum, which is why our Mitchell dental office creates a soothing and relaxing environment with caring communication.

Patients with dental fear can benefit from nitrous oxide in Mitchell, SD. Nitrous oxide is an odorless and colorless gas that relieves dental anxiety by relaxing patients. As a sedative, it works quickly and the effects wear off almost immediately.

Nitrous gas is universally considered to be extremely safe, and patients appreciate the dream-like yet conscious state it produces. It is even recommended for children so they can feel relaxed while with us.

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