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What is an overdenture?

Dentist in Mitchell SD holding a set of implant supported denturesImplant Supported Dentures in 57301

In some cases, a patient will need over dentures – dentures that are held in place by dental implants.

One way for dentures to be held in place is the use of dental implants. In these cases, we will insert four implants into the bottom jaw that have small ball posts at the end. These ball posts (ball abutments) hook to the denture with o-rings. While the dentures can be taken in and out by the patient for daily cleaning, the ball posts hold the denture in place very well.

Full & Partial Dentures in Mitchell, SD

It is common for patients to have greater success with their top denture than their bottom denture. The top denture has more surface area, like the palate, Backside of over dentures in Mitchell, SDthat creates suction and stability, which holds everything in place better.

With lower dentures, the tongue is present so there is a tremendous loss of surface area for the denture to adhere to. This in turn decreases the dentures' suction and stability.

Additionally, the movement of the tongue often pops the bottom denture up. With implants placed on the bottom, the patient will not have to worry about their denture moving around when they talk and eat.

Low Long-Term Maintenance

Another benefit of overdentures is its low long-term maintenance. The o-rings need to be replaced every 6 to 12 months, which can be done either in-office or at home by the patient. The replacement of these O-rings is included in the cost of treatment and is essential in our commitment to ensuring our patients have perfectly fitting dentures.  If you have any more questions regarding dentures, contact our Mitchell SD dentist office today!

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