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What makes our x-ray sensors so great?

We've Upgraded Our Technology

At Dental Health Partners, we have upgraded from the traditional x-ray sensors you have probably used in the past. The picture below shows two sensors; the black sensor is the one we use. It has rounded corners and is smaller than tradition x-ray sensors.

Xray Sensor at Dental Health Partners in Mitchell, SD

The gold sensor is the traditional size of x-ray sensors. It has 90-degree corners, which tend to poke patients and are uncomfortable. We try to make going to the dentist more pleasant, and we tend to get complements from patients who really like these new, more comfortable, black sensors. 

Dental x-ray tools at dentist office in Mitchell SD

Children's Dentistry X-Rays in Mitchell, SD

Also, since children better tolerate our digital sensors, we can take cavity-detecting x-rays sooner. Previously, we wouldn't have been able to take x-rays because of the discomfort of traditional sensors. Now we can find the cavities sooner when they are smaller and easier to address, rather than waiting until the cavity is bigger and close to the new tooth. 



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