Tooth Extraction in Mitchell, SD

Losing a tooth can be overwhelming for many people. You have to think about the prospect of a gap in your smile, not to mention your possible concerns about the procedure itself.Close up of a dental patient smiling at Dental Health Partners in 57301

And what about that empty space? What type of restoration will work best for you?

At Dental Health Partners, we only recommend extraction when a tooth is so damaged that there are no other options available for restoring it to full health. It’s a decision we don’t take lightly because we understand how it will impact your life. Before we schedule your procedure, our doctors will:

  • Show you exactly what the problem is using detailed digital x-ray images
  • Explain the ways the procedure will benefit your long-term oral health
  • Discuss your options for replacing the tooth after extraction

Preserving Healthy Bone Tissue

We do everything possible to ensure that your teeth stay healthy and intact for many, many years. Even a single lost tooth can lead to long-term problems such as changes in your dental bite, adjacent tooth movement, and deterioration of the jawbone. 

This is why we believe it’s important for us to be as conservative as possible when removing a tooth. Our goal with extraction is to remove only the tooth and root, preserving as much of the surrounding bone as we can.

At the moment you’re having your tooth extracted, you may not know what type of restoration you’ll choose for replacement. This is why we preserve the bone without exception. Having as much bone as possible is critical for many tooth replacements. For instance, you may decide you’d like to replace the tooth with a dental implant. The best predictor of success for dental implants is a jaw with plenty of healthy bone available for the implant to create a stable bond.

You may instead decide that a full or partial denture is a better choice for you. In the case of dentures, the presence of sufficient bone in the jaw makes for a better-fitting, more comfortable denture since there is more surface area.

The Highest Standard of Care in the 57301 Area 

At Dental Health Partners, we want to provide the best possible outcome for you, not just today but far into the future. The gold standard for tooth extraction is based on preserving healthy bone tissue that surrounds the tooth and gum. This type of procedure is referred to as atraumatic extraction (atraumatic means "without trauma").

Atraumatic extraction is essentially a careful, step-by-step removal of the tooth and root without disturbing surrounding bone and tissue. The process is a little slower because high quality care takes time, but atraumatic extractions preserve healthy bone, ensure faster healing times, and provide better long-term results.

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