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Pediatric Gum Graft

Pictured is “before” with gum recession and “after” following a gum graft treated here at DHP. One of the main reasons this patient needed a graft was due to a baby tooth that did not come out when the permanent tooth erupted. Due to this, the permanent tooth was in front of the baby tooth causing very little bone around the front of the permanent tooth. When this happens, gum recession occurs. During routine child exams, Cody and Melissa assess the alignment and eruption of baby teeth and compare it to the child’s development to help prevent these and other issues. If preventative treatment is diagnosed and completed, teeth have a decreased potential for more extensive future treatments – including gum grafts. This graft took roughly one hour with only very minor patient discomfort during healing. The “after” photo was taken three weeks after the initial grafting appointment. The resulting coverage of the root will protect the root and help the tooth from feeling sensitive to cold.

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