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How painful is it to have a tooth extraction?

Having a tooth removed can feel like a frightening prospect. While you might have heard horror stories about tooth extractions from other people, you should know that modern dentistry has made the extraction procedure more comfortable than ever. And your team at Dental Health Partners is here to support you through the process from start to finish and even throughout your recovery.

Comfortable Tooth Extractions in 57301

Man smiling during procedure for tooth extraction in Mitchell, SDTooth extraction is only recommended as a last resort when all other treatment options are exhausted. Dr. Cody and Dr. Melissa make your comfort their top priority during tooth extractions in Mitchell, SD. They use high-quality dental anesthetics to ensure that you are numb, and you don't feel anything during your extraction procedure. 

We will also give you clear instructions on how to care for your extraction site after your procedure, so you can avoid uncomfortable situations like a dry socket. You can also contact us anytime during your recovery with questions or concerns you may have about the process.

If you need a tooth extracted, it's important not to delay your procedure in order to avoid further complications with your dental health.

Contact our Mitchell dental office today at (605) 996-1316 to schedule your appointment or get answers to your questions about tooth extractions.

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